Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Our LifeSpanner 100% no nonsense, no questions asked money-back guarantee to you.

If for any reason you feel that the value of what you received from us, is not what you expected, wanted, needed or in any way useful to you, we are happy to refund you 100%.

Our mission is to spread the truth about nutrition and wellness to help as many people as we can to find their way back to health and happiness in a very affordable 6-pillar wellness program.

We are so confident you will walk away from this risk-free program feeling that your time was well spent, that we back this up with this airtight guarantee so you can feel confident in your investment.

This will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. Guaranteed!

Not only is this an investment to yourself, but it is a commitment to be the best version of yourself for your family, friends and co-workers.

Sherylea and Chaz have spent thousands of hours doing all the researching for you and sorting through incredible life changing systems and we are ready to pass this all on to you in an easy to follow and understandable custom designed program. We ask only that you spread the truth and knowledge of nutrition, health and wellness that you have learned through your LifeSpanners program to just one person and have them do the same.

“When one teaches two learn. Together, we can change the world one life at a time”