Nutritional Assessment And Program

$199.00 2 hours

Program Includes:

  • A one-on-one facetime hour assessment with your lifespanners coaches.
  • A full diet and holistic health program designed specifically for you.
  • 1 hour follow up at the end of the month to assess where you are at
  • Unlimited calls and text for 30 days. We are here to help

This is by far is our most popular program. We do a full health analysis from A-Z. If you are truly dedicated to bettering your metabolic health and happiness and improving your lifestyle, then this is the package for you. You will be given a whole new perspective on how to approach your overall health. We will show you that there is more to becoming metabolically heathy than just eating a kale salad and going to the gym.

You will start to show up each day as that new energized happy person for your friends and family, but more importantly for yourself. We will take the mystery out of all the different diets, exercise routines, supplements, fasting regiments, meditations and so much more. You get to choose what works best for you and your lifestyle. Everything you need will be right here at your fingertips. Furthermore, on top of educating you on a multitude of subjects, we will also open doors for you with suggested reading materials. You will be shown, some proven cutting-edge lifestyle modifications that will absolutely change your life.

This program starts by doing a full three-day analysis on your lifestyle. We look at what types of foods you are eating and when you are eating them. We take a look at how you are approaching your sleep and what type of daily exercise you are doing? What kind of supplements you are taking and how much water you are consuming? Our lifespanners program has easy to follow forms with step-by-step instructions plus you will have us to hold your hand through the whole process. If you have any recent blood work, please send that to us as well. The information we get back from you is run through a highly sophisticated system we have developed and 100 out of 100 times we will be able to identify the problems. Sometimes it’s as easy as adding in one more supplement or removing an overt oil. After your 30 days, you will have a genuine 100 percent doable plan on how to approach your personal health goals for a lifetime. One that won’t leave you feeling like you are a social pariah. You can still enjoy lots of culinary treats on our Blue Planet to Plate nutritional approach.

All funds are backed by our 100% no nonsense guarantee in the “More” tab

Your nutritional assessment will uncover these common problems

  • How well are you sleeping?
  • Do you have Joint pain?
  • Do you have brain fog?
  • Is your sex drive up or down?
  • Are you having weight problems?
  • Are you irritable?
  • Do you get skin rashes or inching?
  • Do you lack confidence?
  • Are you regular?
  • Do you have gut issues? Bloating? Constipation? IBS?

In this 30-day program you are going to receive well-rounded, extremely detailed yet easy to follow recipes to maximize your health and elongate your life.

We are going to show you some recent and revolutionary discovery’s that you can start to incorporate right away. Our mission here is to open your eyes, and your mind, to all the different possibility’s out there when it comes to maximizing your health and happiness. Maybe you are a seasoned athlete looking to expand your fitness knowledge, or a novice and simply don’t know where to start, rest assured you will now. We are going to not just help you get there but help you to maintain it and even take it to the next level. If anything, our hope is to blow your mind, to expand your fitness horizons, and provide you a health and happiness system you can easily incorporate into your life. Our end goal is for you to have a roadmap, a strong direction, a recipe to live a longer, happier, metabolically heathy life. To not just be a leaf in the wind with your health, but to have a map and compass, so you can find your own personal true north.


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