The Mysterious Molocule

If I have learned anything over the years, it is that getting back to nature has had healing and grounding effects in my life.  Mother Earth balances out my magnetic field, Air has Life force energy (QI) that reduces my stress levels, The Sun gives me a hormone that puts me in a perpetual good mood and protects me from disease. As my personal journey to be the best version of myself continued and I looked deeper into the forces of nature and how they profoundly affect health, water was the next element I dove headfirst into. No pun intended!

There is no more important and epically mysterious substance in the universe than water. It is the very source of all life. It is abundant here on Earth and I for one took it for granted, until recently. As humans, we are attracted to its simplicity and purity. It has a beauty like no other element.  As advance of a civilization that we are today, we still do not know, or completely understand, it’s astonishing physical behavior and structure. How could the simplest of molecules, 2 parts hydrogen, to 1 part oxygen, hold such a profound weight in this universe. We are still not 100% sure where it came from and how it formed here on earth. One theory of how water got here to earth is called Panspermia. This theory suggest that icy comets smashed into Earth. Did you know that 80% of the material blown out from Halley’s comet is water? To this day there are still meteors that fall into the earth’s atmosphere that have evidence of having water on them.

Through the ages, not only scientists, but also philosophers and mystics have sought to interpret the fact that all life as we know it is completely dependent on water. Without water there is no life. As of late, there has been a resurgence to understand the true depths of this most enigmatic of the elements. Water is the most common substance on earth and the fundamental building block of life.

Yet it acts outside of all known physical laws of nature. Water is the only known substance that can take on three forms: liquid, solid and gas. Water is also the most erosive element on earth. This humble substance can dissolve virtually anything. All substances known to man contract when frozen. When any liquid reaches a freezing point, its molecules shrink, draw closer together, making it denser and it sinks. With water however, its molecules expand, and the resulting condition of this phenomenon is that it floats. There are so many unexplained properties to this substance. Why does water have the most surface tension of any liquid. And why, in defiance of gravity, is water able to move up through the trunks of gigantic trees against 10’s of atmospheres of pressure? Why does boiling water freeze quicker than cold water? These are things about water no one can explain, and the list goes on and on.

To understand water is to understand ourselves. After all, we are mostly water. When we are first born, we are 90% water! As we age that number lowers to around 75%. We need to drink 2.5 to 3.5 liters of water a day just to replace what is lost. Although we only absorb just a small percentage of water through our skin when we shower, we still absorb more of water’s minerals through our skin in as little as 5 minutes then by drinking 64 oz of water over the span of a week. So go swimming in that lake or ocean and you will be literally taking a mineral bath. This is also why it is so very important to have a water filter in your shower. Water is so important to us it can’t be overstated. We can go 30 to 40 days without food and not die, but if we go even 4 days without water we can die. If we lose 2% of our water content, we get thirsty, if we lose 10%, we start to hallucinate, if we lose 12% of our water content, we will expire.

There are so many unanswered questions, and mystery’s surrounding water. In the Movie “Secret of Water” (on prime video), a story is told about a secret military base, in 1956 in Southeast Asia, designed to create weapons of mass destruction. There was a team of scientists working on a new generation of a bacteriological weapon. The scientists were discussing what properties this weapon should have, when suddenly the meeting broke off and all the participants were taken to the hospital with severe food poisoning like symptoms. After an investigation, it was found that all they had to eat or drink during the meeting was water. They were puzzled because there was no food anywhere in the facility. How could they have food poisoning? The vats of water were tested right away, but the tests came back normal. The case was filed away as- food poisoning by way of water. Is it possible that the vats of water that they had next to the chemical blue prints they were working on had something to do with their sudden illnesses? Soon you are about to find out that the answer to this question is YES!

Another case study happened in the 1960’s in a closed laboratory in Germany. Something inexplicable happened when a laboratory assistant dropped a vacuumed sealed vile containing a virulent poison into a vessel of distilled water. Trying to conceal her blunder, she left it and walked away. 3 days later, another laboratory assistant noticed the vile, but since it was vacuumed sealed, he dismissed it and gave the water to a cage full of laboratory mice. They all immediately died. To try to determine what happened, they examined the water but could find no trace elements of the poison in the water. Chemically the water proved to be impeccably clean. Could it be that perhaps the water, without direct contact with the poison, somehow adopted its properties? How could this be possible? No one could explain either of these two events that happened back then…until now.

20 years later, a fantastic hypothesis was put forward that would explain both of these unsolved mysteries and waters unusual behavior. Experiments from around the world would prove that water receives and makes an imprint of any outside influence it comes in touch with. It basically remembers anything that occurs in the space that surrounds it. It also remembers and ghosts any substance that it comes into contact with. These studies showed that when water is near any substance, there would be a trace of that substances chemical makeup left in the water. They concluded that water had a way of remembering things, copying things, mimicking its environment. Basically, it has some kind of memory.

How is this possible?

Dr. Masaru Emoto is an internationally renowned Japanese scientist and author of the New York Times Bestseller The Hidden Messages in Water. He proved that the influence of just our thoughts, words or feelings can have astonishing effects on the molecules of water. In the early 1990s, Emoto performed a series of experiments in which water was kept in a variety of bottles, each carrying a label with a different message. The messages ranged from positive and caring such as (thank you & love) to negative (I hate you & you fool). Samples of water from each of these bottles were placed on slides and frozen to form snowflake like crystals. His findings were no less than astounding! The crystals that formed on water from positive messages, were found to be more geometrically shaped and beautiful. The crystals formed from the water with the negative messages were chaotic, non-uniform, ugly in shape and form. He called this-The life force energy-His work has been featured in the film What the Bleep Do We Know. Dr. Emoto changed most of what we know about water and has led us to a new consciousness of Earth’s most precious resource. Is it possible that water is a form of life? Okay that is way out there and I am not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence. Of course, it is not a life form as we know it, but who are we to think that there are not different forms of life in the universe? What is a life form anyway? Does it have to be an organism composed of cells, have lungs, a mouth and brain? There are things in this universe that we just simply do not have the answer too.

Microwaves are water killers!

Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted experiments on water from different sources. Water is in its best state when it is a state of motion like in a river or ocean. Water does not like to be still or stagnant. When Dr. Masaru took samples from different sources like stagnate, tap or bottled water, the water from its natural state like lakes, rivers, streams, or the ocean were the best. The one result that stuck in my mind is what happens when you radiate a water molecule using a microwave oven. It is awful! Below is a picture of a water crystal from a freshwater lake, and that same molecule after it was microwaved. If that is not death you are looking at, I don’t know what is. But the real question you need to be asking yourself is, which form of water would you want in your body?

Microwaves work by creating intermolecular friction. The microwave, which is actually a radiation wave, causes water molecules to vibrate at a very fast rate. This is what causes the food to heat. This high rate of vibration disrupts and destroys the molecular structure of your food. As a result, your food is no longer bioavailable. Simply put, your body does not recognize it a food source now and does not know what to do with it. Your body turns this into a solid waste material and tries to store it in a place where it thinks it will do the least amount of damage. Those places are your arteries and your fat cells. This is not a good thing!

The first evidence of microwave ovens changing the molecular structure of tissue was in 1989. Norma Levitt died on the operating table at Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on November 8th, 1989, following a successful hip replacement surgery. A nurse gave Levett a unit of Levitt’s own blood which had been warmed in a microwave oven. The blood warming machine that was normally used was out of service. This single incident brought worldwide attention to microwaves and what makes them function. But more importantly, it brought attention to how unsafe they are for our health. With all the new studies on microwave ovens, we now know that they will change the makeup of our blood. In a Swiss clinical study, researchers also found that blood changes in individuals who consumed microwaved foods. The study showed that, along with increased cholesterol levels, the red blood cells decreased while white cells levels increased when microwave food was consumed. Microwave ovens can change your heart rate as well. A study conducted by DR. Magda Havas, PhD of Trent University, suggests that the popular kitchen appliance can affect your heart rate and heart variability.  There is literally zero benefit to eating microwaved food.

If you are a frequent microwave oven user, you may want to rethink the way you heat your food. Look into investing in a good Toaster/Air fryer oven. If you really asked yourself why you use a microwave oven, the answer would probably be it saves time. You will be surprised how quickly a toaster oven will heat your food. It is only about a 5-to-10-minute difference. I invested in a one years ago and I swear by it! I seriously don’t miss my microwave oven one bit. I even removed the microwave oven from my office and bought a toaster oven for my staff to use instead. It was such a hit I had to buy another one so they would not fight over it! Your food will simply taste better! This one simple change in your life, could possibly save your life!

LifeSpanners Aging Forward- “WATER” Quick Tips:

Quick Tips:

  1. Hydrate! Drinking plenty clean water each day is just as important as your nutrition. We need to drink 2.5 to 3.5 liters of clean water a day just to replace what is lost.
  2. Pay attention to the water you drink. Buy distilled water to drink and cook with or better yet, invest in a reverse osmosis filter for your home.
  3. Never drink tap water!
  4. Invest in a water filter for your shower.
  5. Drink water from a glass and not a plastic cup or plastic bottle.
  6. Remember you are mostly water, use affirmations to elevate your waters energy.
  7. Your friends, family and plants are mostly water. Tell them how thankful you are for them. Tell them how wonderful and special they are to you. Yes, even your plants have feelings too!
  8. You are mostly water and affected by your environment, if you live or work in a toxic environment or are in a toxic relationship, get out of it!
  9. Water absorbs energy. During your meditation, have a cup of water next to you. When you have finished your meditation, drink it with thankfulness and gratitude for having it now being a part of you.
  10. Listen up, if there is one thing you get from this chapter on water, make it this–NEVER EVER use a microwave oven to heat water or your food. Each time you do you are insidiously killing yourself. Make this a non-negotiable promise to yourself and your family.

With all this new information showing us that water is directly affected by its surrounding environment and mere thought alone, it really makes you do a double take on how we look at this simple yet mysterious element we call water. We need to respect it more. We ourselves are made up of mostly water, so how do you think your environment, your relationship, the way you heat your food, and your self-talk is affecting you and the most important people in your life? It makes you stop and think right? This makes drinking pure, clean, and happy water your LifeSpanners #9 Health Hack!

“My spiritual journey has taught me not only how interrelated the different systems of my body are to each other, but also how my body is connected to the earth. Clean water, clean soil, and clean air are the birthright of every human on earth”

~Troy Casey