Certified Health Consultant

Sherylea is a world-class nutritionist and currently one of Shawn Bakers MeatRX team coaches. She works closely with Troy Casey (The Certified Health Nut) who is a certified Paul Chek holistic health practitioner. Shawn Baker and Troy Casey are considered to be the leaders in their fields. As a certified Homeopathic Practitioner, she has helped a multitude of people take control of their health and life challenges. She is a WNSO (World Natural Sports Organization) powerlifting, and BCBBA (British Columbia Body Building Association) fitness Champion who works closely with some of the most renowned nutritionists and biohackers in the world. She has worked in the healing arts and fitness industry for over 30 years, is a certified fitness coach and a NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association) personal trainer.

At age 18, she became a certified group instructor and began teaching a variety of fitness classes ranging from aerobics, high intensity, and low impact.

At age 20 she furthered her knowledge and became certified in seniors’ fitness and officially became a NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association) Personal Trainer while also becoming certified as a Natural Holistic practitioner.

Over the years she has competed with the WNSO (World Natural Sports Organization) in fitness, BCBBA (British Columbia Body Building Association) in figure, where she ranked 5th place out of 35 women and with the BCPA (British Columbia Powerlifting Association) where she placed 5th out of 13 women pulling a total weight of 244lbs!

She has an extensive background and knowledge in the field of nutritional sciences including a wide range of diet protocols including ketogenic, cyclical ketogenic, paleo, Vegan, Raw Food, AI paleo, IIFYM, and Carnivore to name a few. Sherylea is an expert in upgrading your health with specific strategies tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Having specialized for many years in body re-composition and providing education on macronutrient profiling to achieve better body aesthetics, she now places her focus on a more holistic, ancestral approach to nutrition, putting attention on reversing metabolic damage through biohacking, proper nutrition, supplementation, gut health, proper sleep hygiene and exercise.

Her extensive background in the health and fitness industry, phycology, the field of neurosurgery, homeopathic medicines, combined with her extensive nutritional background, gives her a complete understanding of human anatomy. You could say health and fitness is her life.


Certified Health Coach

Charles (Chaz) Chavez is an all-around athlete who lives a healthy lifestyle in every sense of the word. He specializes in Biohacking, Resistance Training, YOGA and Martial Arts. Charles is NASM, NESTA and ACE certified as a nationally accredited Flexibility and Stretching Coach, a Health & Wellness Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer and Blackbelt Having devoted most of his life to health and fitness incorporating Mind, Body and Spirit to achieve his goals. Chaz brings real world experience to all facets of the healing arts.

After being hit by a car at age 16 and told he may never walk again, Chaz’s fitness journey began. Through determination and persistence to heal he became obsessed with getting stronger. Having trained a multitude of athletes, Chaz is a master in biohacking, resistance training and body recompositing. He competed in several “IFBB NPC” New Mexico Bodybuilding Contests. Entering his first bodybuilding contest at 20 years of age he placed 3rd. It became very clear that in order to excel in that sport he would be forced to use anabolic steroids. That was not an option, so Chaz renamed his passion to “Body Designer” rather than Body Builder and began to design programs anyone can incorporate into their fitness regimen. His programs focus on functional muscle by working on pliability and flexibility first and foremost.

His passion and love for anything health and fitness related lead him to educate himself on proper nutrition and supplementation. Chaz is a dedicated yogini with 20 years of experience and has trained under some of the best such as Seane Corn, Sheva Ray, John Friend and Annie Carpenter at Wanderlust Workshops located all over the world. Chaz trained at the “Yoga with Carson Academy” and incorporates many of the yoga principles and sutras, that he has been taught over the years, into pretty much everything he does now.

As a Martial Artist Chaz won his first martial arts tournament at the young age 5O and found he had a new passion. He later joined the “UNIVERSITY OF MARTIAL ARTS” for Z Ultimate Self Defense Studios where he earned his Blackbelt Rank and the status of SENSEI. Chaz became sought after as a highly skilled instructor.

Helping people to achieve their goals regardless of their fitness level is his mission. Focusing primarily on pliability and flexibility in conjunction with building functional muscle combined with eating planet to plate natural foods is his vision for a complete and overall fitness lifestyle.

His extensive background in the health and fitness industry, yoga, resistance training and martial arts, combined with his extensive nutritional background, gives chaz a complete understanding of human anatomy. With the motto” You are only as young as you Believe!” You could say health and fitness is his life.